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Healthy Meals everyday. Minus the effort.

Nymble helps you enjoy garden-fresh meals from the comfort of your home, for the days you don't feel like cooking.

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Truly effort-less healthy eating

All you need to do is choose a recipe from the accompanying Nymble App, load in the specified ingredients into the Nymble Device, Tap cook, and relax while it prepares a fresh meal for you in minutes.

Fresh Ingredients delivered

Pre-cut and pre-portioned ingredients can be ordered directly from the Nymble App and our grocery partners will deliver the locally sourced ingredients to your doorstep.

New Dishes every week

Most one-pot meals can be prepared on the Nymble platform and new dishes are updated on the recipe store every week. Over time we learn your taste preferences, and tailor your meal to your personal preferences.

Just take out the pan and the ingredient tray, and throw it in the dishwasher. It is that simple. 

Easy to Clean

Something's cooking

Spaghetti Bolognese with Diced Pork

Chicken Fried Rice

Indian Mix Veg Curry

Ashure - Turkish Congee

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